Rice Paddies Bali

Tanah Lot

Originating from the 16th Century, the tourist destination of Tanah Lot is around half an hour away from Ubud by car or a good hour on route from Seminyak. The most special time to visit is just before sundown, although do expect it to be peak time for visitors – late afternoon to early evening – you will catch the most spectacular sunset over the ocean.

The site of the pilgrimage temple Pura Tanah Lot, Tanah Lot was built as a shrine to the Balinese sea gods. One of seven such temples in Bali, each sea temple was built within view of the other around the coast of Bali. An established walkway leads you to the apex of the cliff, and the most spectacular viewpoint.


Tanah Lot in Bali


If visiting at low tide you will be able to walk to the base of the temple itself. The caves that can be found at the bottom of the rock are home to poisonous snakes which are said to protect the sacred site from evil spirits.


Tanah Lot Sea Temple Bali

Opening hours: 7am – 7pm

Admission Price:  Adult – Rp. 20,000  Child – Rp. 15,000


Bali Beaches

Seminyak Beach:

The local beach situated at Seminyak is a popular beach destination for tourists and surfers in particular, due to the spectacular waves that can be enjoyed here. The vibrant resort that has grown up around this beautiful beach offers the foreign traveller luxury boutique shops, a range of popular restaurants service delicious international cuisines, and a choice of vibrant nightspots.

With beautiful views out to the Indian Ocean, this is a beach to be enjoyed.

Balangan Beach:

Just perfect for water sports enthusiasts, this white sandy beach features a stunning white cliff backdrop. Enjoying a wonderful breeze off the Indian Ocean, the beach is well known amongst water sports aficionados visiting Bali.


Girl surfer


Padang Padang Beach:

Made famous by Julia Roberts in the 2010 film ‘Eat, Pray, Love’, Padang Padang Beach is now a popular destination for tourists due to its long expanse of white sand, stretching over 100m long. Nestled in a bay, access to the beach is via steps. The sunset that can be viewed over this stretch of the coastline is something spectacular to see,

Again, it is another popular location for international surfing competitions and has previously hosted the Rip Curl Cup.
Geger Beach:

A hidden gem, set back from the main roadway, Geger Beach is a relaxing hideaway to escape the crowds. To date, Geger has escaped mass tourist development, and as such, enjoys just a splash of local restaurants and cafes serving delicious fish delicacies to visitors to the area. A welcome change to the busier resorts around this part of the coast.


Bali Beach


Besakih Temple

A complex of 23 sacred temples built into Mount Agung nearly 1000 metres high, Besakih Temple features a complex development of architectural terraces, courtyards and temples, centred around the key holy temple of Pura Penataran Agung. Emanating an almost ethereal aura due to its beautiful location, Besakih was previously a centre of Hindu worship. Present day, ‘The Mother Temple’ as it is famously known, is host to over 70 annual festivals in celebration of the various shines located here.

The complex is in an area of outstanding beauty, and visitors to the area will be able to see emerald green rice paddies and lush mountains in every direction.


Besakih temple Bali

Opening hours: 8am – 5pm

Admission Price:  Donation


Ubud Rice Paddies

Dating back in time 2000 years, the famous Ubud rice paddies, north of Tegallalang, offer natural and breathtaking vistas, and allow you the perfect opportunity to appreciate the hard work and dedication of the workers who tend these beautiful terraces.


Rice Paddies Bali


As a staple food of Bali, you will find the roads adjacent to the famous rice paddies dotted with traditional Balinese villages, resident to the local farmers who work these stepped terraces. Hand carved all those years ago, the fields have been carefully maintained and lovingly cared for throughout the many decades they have been in existence. Travelling through, you will find a chance to purchase traditional items of arts and crafts as you will often come upon villagers selling their works of art or pottery roadside. Take a moment if you can to stop awhile at the very scenic Karsa Kafe, sip a local tea and take in the wonderful views across the rice terraces.


Monkey Forest


Monkey at Monkey Forest Bali


Home to around 700 native Macaques, the Sacred Monkey Forest in Ubud is more than just a local nature reserve for primates. Set in a beautiful forest location, on your visit here you will also be able to explore several ancient Hindu temples, explore the local footpaths through the conservation area and delight in observing the families of cheeky monkeys move around their natural habitat.

Word of warning though – keep your belongings close! The monkeys have a habit of stealing visitors’ treasured possessions if not secure. Avoid taking bananas into the reserve unless you would like to get up close and personal with a primate – the macaques can smell the fruit from very far away and they are quite partial to a banana or two!

Opening hours: 8:30am – 6pm

Admission cost:  Adult – Rp 50,000  Child – Rp 40,000


Lombok Day Excursion

A popular day excursion and a chance to visit a nearby Indonesian island is a day trip to the island of Lombok. Several excursions are available to purchase; with options to visit the North or South side of Lombok. A visit to the north of Lombok remains popular amongst visiting tourists. Key highlights include the chance to see the native Sasak tribe and village, beautiful scenery such as the waterfalls at Tiu Kelep and Sindang Gile, the Tete Batu rice terraces and the Narmada Summer Palace.


Lombok Beach


Lombok is home to more beautiful Bali beaches. Trips to the island must include a visit to the beach and a swim in the beautiful Indian Ocean.

Price: Excursion price varies

Dolphin Encounters

Bali is home to a few hundred bottlenose and spinner dolphins that are resident to the Indian Ocean in this area. Several organized dolphin excursions run from the northern coastline of Bali and if you are very lucky, a trip around this area of coastline will allow you to witness the playful dolphin pods swimming in the water close to your excursion boat. A most memorable day to be sure!


Dolphins swimming

Price: Excursion price varies